What we are not:

  • Promoting violent & aggressive behavior
  • Learning to control others through fear
  • Teaching how to maim or kill
  • Solving conflict by fighting
  • Encouraging young people to emulate violent Martial Arts “Action Heroes”
  • Encouraging young people to play with warlike toys or real Martial Art Weapons
  • Using superficial gimmicks and rewards to manipulate people into taking a Martial Art
  • Using psychological techniques to condition people to want to stay in classes (i.e.. constant rank advancement)
  • Teaching children to go beyond their normal limits of aggression in a quasi-military environment and through full contact fighting
  • Teaching people that what “Pays off” is being tough, in control aggressive: that respect comes from power and ambition

What we are:

  • Promoting peaceful resolution of conflict
  • Learning order through understanding
  • Teaching non-violent alternatives
  • Solving conflict by using our brains
  • Encouraging young people to question playing at war to bring about peace
  • Promoting healthy competition to challenge people to be strong and healthy
  • Encouraging people to intelligently choose a Martial Arts school through inquiring into its program
  • Rewarding people for patience in learning a discipline that takes time and effort
  • Teaching children to develop healthy limits of aggression within a safe, trusting environment by focusing their martial arts just short of full contact
  • Teaching healthy values of humanity and integrity: that with respect comes kindness and consideration