Upcoming Events

March 7th:

Movie Night: 4:30 – 8:00: Disney Maleficent & Disney’s Escape to Witch Mountain.
The best babysitting money can buy.

May 9th:

Morning classes will be closed due to the parade down Washington Street. Testing and Movie Night will still be held.

May 17th:

Spring Fling


Knife: Begins at 9:00 AM

Freestyle: Begins at 11:00 AM

The Last Stand: Begins at 1:00 PM (Rope & Pedestal Game)

Sumo: Begins at 2:00 PM

Wrestling: Begins at 4:00 PM


After May 10th Add $ 10.00

1 Event- $18. (with rope $26)

2 Events- $32 (with rope $39)

3 Events- $42 (with rope $48)

4 Events- $50 (with rope $55)

The Last Stand Only $10

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Thanks, Sensei’s Jose & Chantilly
Please make sure to take a gander at the bulletin board, at least once a month, especially if you are not usually in the mat room to hear announcements. Things are added and sometimes changed. If you are testing you MUST read and sign-up on the testing sheet. We are only closed on the dates that say CLOSED. We also have a Calendar listing all the closed days on this website. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, we are here to serve you! (209) 533-3929Note: